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Do you process email? Do you have a newsletter and need to process bounce backs or NDRs (Non-Deliverable Receipts)? Do you need to build a custom interface for email access? Do you need to programmatically access email messages, or its attachments, embedded images, headers, or different parts of an email/MIME message? Then aspNetMime is for you.

aspNetMime can satisfy all of these requirements and more. aspNetMime is a server-side component that can be used to access any email MIME message. aspNetMime parses messages and allows you to programmatically access any part, or header, of the message effortlessly and easily. Take a look at some of the features of aspNetMime:

What's new in aspNetMime version 3?

.NET Support
aspNetMime runs under all releases of .NET.

S/Mime Parsing Support
aspNetMime also supports parsing S/Mime documents to allow you to securely extract data from S/Mime formatted content.

MimeToHtml Class
The new MimeToHtml class allows you to easily convert a Mime message to a Html document or string for display in a browser. Allow aspNetMime to handle converting embedded images, to extracted images, and handle all the attachment and image link conversions, to preserve the format of the message.

aspNetMime is Writable
aspNetMime is writable. This allows you to read in an existing Mime document, or create your own, and modify it as required. You can then output it back to the file system, a stream, string, or a byte array.

Added the MimeReader Class
The MimeReader class, allows you to read the Mime messages in a forward looking manner. This allows for faster parsing, and lower memory footprint. It is especially helpful, when you need to extract large attachments from a message, without incurring extra CPU cycles.

Added Static MimePart.Create(…) methods
These methods allow you to easily create, and add Mime parts to a Mime message from byte arrays, files, streams or strings.

HeaderCollection.Parse(…) methods
Easily parse the header content and lines from documents using the HeaderCollection.Parse(…) methods, making all data in the headers easily accessible.

Easier support for modifying existing MIME documents
Besides being able to easily add additional parts, attachments, and images to a Mime message, you can easily append both plain text, and Html content to Mime parts, and allow aspNetMime to handle all of the complicated encoding.

Easier Searching for parts.
New methods allow you easily and quickly find more parts of the message. These methods include FindByExtension, GetByConentId,GetByContentLocation, or by ContentType.

RFC 2231 Support
Expanded support for non-ASCII charactersets found in parameters.

MBX Support
Expanded the internal MBX support by aspNetMime to parse MBX files.

InLine Parts
Added and exposed additional methods for extracting InLine content-disposition types.

Force Garbage Collection
Exposed the functionality for developers to force Garbage Collection on the MimeReader class.

GMT Offset
Added the ability to allow the developer to calculated GMT Offsets.

TNEF (winmail.data) RTF Support
Added the capability for aspNetMime to find and extract RTF data created by Outlook.

Header Support
Expanded the support for determining different properties on collections of headers.

Saving Parts
Expanded the support for saving individual parts off of the MimeReader class.

Expanded Charactersets
Expanded the capability of aspNetMime to recognize Windows specific charactersets that are non-RFC standard.

TNEF Support
Added support for aspNetMime to find and extract TNEF (winmail.dat) parts. aspNetMime can also find attachments found within these parts.

Better support for decoding corrupt and malformed quoted-printable parts.

HTML To Plain Text Conversion
Expanded the capability for aspNetMime to convert HTML to Plain Text in a friendly readable format.

Better Header Decoding
Expanded aspNetMime to detect and better decode headers that have broken encodings spanning multiple lines.

Added the capability for aspNetMime to decode UUEncoded parts.

Better Email Address Parsing Support
Email addresses can be complex. We've added even better support for comments, and other unusual text, found inside of the email address alias.

Better Html to Plain Text Conversion
We've added even better and faster support for those uniquely formatted HTML message parts.

Better Broken Mime Parsing
We've added logic to search for boundaries that aren't actually in the message. The Mime message requires boundaries to be found in certain places of the message. If these boundaries aren't found aspNetMime tries to determine where they should be located.

Built-in Reporting
aspNetMime now has built-in reporting. Generate Xml, Comma Separated Value (CSV), and TAB delimted reports natively from aspNetMime. Simply crate the report object, and add the Mime messages. aspNetMime will generate a summary report for you.

Built-in Directory and MBOX Processing
aspNetMime now has the capability to natively process a directory of mime messages. Besides a directory of messages, aspNetMime also supports parsing the MBOX style file format. For each message found in the MBOX file, aspNetMime raises an event the developer can attach too for easy coding and message manipulation.

aspNetMime now allows partially trusted callers to make requests into the aspNetMime.dll. This option allows it to be hosted under the ASP.NET 2.0 runtime.

Better Image Support
aspNetMime now has the capability to target image parts, and extract them from the message. Save them to disk, or stream them to the browser. aspNetMime can do both.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
aspNetMime has also added better checking for non RFC compliant messages. Due to the complexity of the Mime formatting specifications, there are many broken implementations out there. We've made adjustments to be as flexible as possible without sacrificing performance.

Besides these features, aspNetMime still includes the following great feature list.

New Version 2.0 Features

  • Built in Synchronous and Asynchronous DNS Blacklist (DNSbl) Support for Spam Checking
  • Increased 8 Bit Mime parsing support
  • Added Delayed Delete capability
  • Added better support for dropped POP3 connections.
  • Added automatic HTML to Plain Text format conversion utility.
  • Better Email Address parsing for the Email Headers
  • Additional features for parsing Mime Streams, Files and Text
  • Faster Quoted Printable decoding routine.
  • Better support for improperly formatted Mime messages
  • Better Characterset matching


Version 1.5 Features

  • Better Support for Macintosh emails
  • Better Support for Lyris management
  • Better Support for SQL Server stored emails.
  • Better and Faster Quoted Printable parsing
  • Supports Case Insensitve Header Searches
  • Checks for Illegal Filename Extensions
  • Faster MimePart Boundary Parsing
  • Better Support for NDRs
  • Better Support for Attached Messages
  • Better 8Bit Message Support
  • Added More Encoding/Decoding Options
  • Better DateTime Parsing


Version 1.0 Features

  • Access attachments found in the email
  • Stream attachments to browsers
  • Write attachments to any stream
  • Access headers
  • Access to the TO email addresses
  • Access the CC email addresses
  • Access the subject of an email
  • Access different body parts (TEXT and/or HTML)
  • Decode Body Parts
  • Decode Quoted-Printable and base64 formats
  • Determine the Content-Type of a message
  • Access embedded images
  • Stream embedded images to the browser
  • Write embedded images to any stream
  • Access the Reply-To of a message
  • Access the Priority of a message
  • Access any X-Header
  • Save messages to a file
  • Save attachments to a file
  • Save embedded images to a file
  • Any many more.


Along with these capabilities, aspNetMime also includes advanced functionality for accessing intricate parts of the MIME message, along with encoding and decoding methods. Be sure to check out our online demo here, to see aspNetMime in action.





Thanks for your quick reply and help! "

Micky McQuade | ServiceU Corporation

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