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EmailSpoofer.NET is a free ASP.NET Server Control for Obfuscating and Encoding Email Address to prevent Spam Bot Harvesting A Quick FAQ about the Email Spoofer Server Control

1. What is the Email Address Spoofer Control?
This is an ASP.NET Server control. It is used to obfuscate email addresses, on web pages, which prevent spam bots from harvesting your email address. As a webmaster, my Html code is littered with mailto anchor tags, so people can contact me, that look like
<a href="mailto:me@mycompany.com">me@mycompany.com</a>.
I wanted a way to protect my email address to prevent spam bots from harvesting it. Thus I built the Email Address Spoofer control.

2. What is Email Obfuscation?
Email obfuscation is a technique to jumble your email address, found on your web pages, in a way that spam bots will have a difficult time finding it, reading it, or rendering it.

3. Why do I want to use it?
As a webmaster, I get 1000’s of pieces of spam a day, and most of them come from spam bots. I wanted to alleviate this spam pressure on my email server and spam filter. So I wrote this server control that I can drop on my ASP.NET pages. So if I you are a webmaster, feel free to download it from download.aspx

4. What do I need to use it?
You need to be running the ASP.NET runtime. This is a web framework from Microsoft. More information on the ASP.NET runtime can be found from www.asp.net

5. What different levels of Encodings/Obfuscations are used?
The Spoofer control provides 3 basic levels of obfuscation or encoding types. They are None, HtmlEncoding, and JavascriptEncoding.

6. How much does this control cost?
Nothing. Feel free to use the Spoofer control. All I ask for, is a link back to this site, to spread the word.




MY BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ON THE INTERNET. ListNanny did not support our mailing program, but dave suggested we send him some file samples and three days later we got a new version supporting our mailing program. Dave let us use the program, and only after he was satisfied that we have a working solution we paid for the standard product $129 - nothing for the special development. I wish all software vendors were so supporting of their customers. "

D. Geisler | Broadway Box

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