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aspNetPOP3 v3 Released

by newuser09876 30. September 2013 14:47

The upgrades for aspNetPOP3 have been limited, but yet important. Constantly serving customer needs, these upgrades are driven by our customers to do more with less code.

Some of the features of this version of aspNetPOP3 include:

.NET Support
aspNetPOP3 runs under all releases of .NET.

Switched to License Keys from License files
aspNetPOP3 has moved to license keys for easier deployment. We did away with the older, digitally signed files, to make it easier on the developers when moving their applications.

NTLM Support
aspNetPOP3 supports connecting to Exchange over NTML authentication protocol.

More Login Methods
Exposed the Login method for additional options for developers to authenticate against a wider range of servers.

64Bit Servers
Increased the flexibility for aspNetPOP3 to run under different variations of servers.

AutoLoadFromConfigKey Property
Automatically set properties from your .config file, without changing a line of compiled code. aspNetPOP3 can automatically recognize these values.

Better UTF-8 Support
Due to some of the internal behavior of .NET, and UTF-8 characters, it was possible for the .NET framework to drop some of the higher end, surrogate characters. aspNetPOP3 will gracefully handle those characters.

Added additional options for streaming messages out of POP3 servers to different stream objects.

SSL Support
With the release of the AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.dll, aspNetPOP3 now support secure SSL connections. With as little as 2 additional lines of code you can enable your application to securely communicate with your mail server. The AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.dll can be downloaded from http://www.advancedintellect.com/download.aspx at no charge.

Be sure to see the complete list of features on our aspNetPOP3 Product Page.

Breaking Changes

When upgrading to v3 of aspNetPOP3, the only breaking changes will be relating to how licensing is enabled.

With v3, we did away with digitally signed license files, and went to license keys. This will make it easier on customers when moving their applications.

The following methods went away:

These methods were replaced by the single
method, that simply loads the license key.  For more information on how licensing works, visit our License Page.

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