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aspNetIMAP v3 Released

by newuser09876 30. September 2013 14:25

There have been quite a few upgrades for aspNetIMAP since version 2.0 Some of these include:

.NET Support
aspNetIMAP runs under all releases of .NET.

IDLE Support
aspNetIMAP now supports the IDLE command. This allows you to wait for the IMAP server to notify you when messages have been received, rather than actively polling for new messages.

Added OAuth Support
aspNetIMAP now supports the OAuth authentication protocol, for better flexibility and delegated authorization.

Added OAuth Support for Gmail
We’ve also added Gmail specific classes that support the OAuth protocol. Authenticate against Gmail with only a few lines of code.

Better BodyStructure Parsing
Expanded the BodyStructure parsing routine to account for rare literal line length structures.

Appending Messages
Modified the Append() method to be more friendly towards Microsoft Exchange and it's CrLf requirements.

ID Commands
Added support for the ID command.

NTLM Support
Added NTLM Challenge authentication support for Microsoft Exchange servers.

Support for the Cram-MD5 authentication protocol, for better flexibility and security.

AppendUID Functionality
Added the AppendUID functionality for those servers that support RFC 2359.

Better Tag Support
Exposed the TagLength property to allow the developer to specify the length of Tags to be used in communicating with the IMAP server.

Better Non-RFC Support
Expanded the internal flexibility of aspNetIMAP to handle non-RFC internal date responses.

Better Searching
Expanded the search capabilities of aspNetIMAP to better search against those IMAP servers that support RFC searching.

Local End Point Capability
Exposed support for the developer to specify the local endpoint of network calls.

Expanded serialization support to the MessageSet and Proxy classes.

MimeEnvelope Handling
Created an exposed a MimeEnvelope class for those developers wanting to create a summary of Mime messages, commonly used in web applications.

Read more about the complete feature list on the aspNetIMAP Product Page.

Breaking Changes

When upgrading to v3 of aspNetIMAP, the only breaking changes will be relating to how licensing is enabled.
With v3, we did away with digitally signed license files, and went to license keys. This will make it easier on customers when moving their applications.
The following methods went away:
These methods were replaced by the single
method, that simply loads the license key.  For more information on how licensing works, visit our License Page.

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This seems to have fixed the problem--thanks again for the great support! "

R. Dudley

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