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aspNetIMAP: Now supports the IDLE command.

by newuser09876 8. May 2012 13:23

aspNetIMAP Supports the IDLE Command

The IDLE command is a little different than the other IMAP commands. When the IDLE command is used, aspNetIMAP turns into a listening component. It listens for updates from the IMAP server. IMAP servers will usually send an Idle update response back, if messages are deleted, or new messages come in.  When a update is sent back, from the server to aspNetIMAP, the IdleResponse event is raised.  While aspNetIMAP is in Idle mode, no other commands can be sent against the server, until .IdleStop() is called.

The following steps are used to implement the Idle command (full code can be found below).

1)First we select a folder, in this example, the Inbox

            MailFolder inbox = imap.SelectInbox();

2)Then we wire up the event, that will get called every time an Idle update is sent to aspNetIMAP
            //wire up the idle event
            inbox.IdleResponse += new IdleResponseEventHandler(OnIdleResponse);

3) Start Idling

4)Now we wait. In this example, we are looping through a command promprt, until the user enters the word "stop". We could have just as easily implemented this in a windows form, in a button click event. And, subsequently, clicked another button to stop idling.
            string line = Console.ReadLine().ToLower();
            while (line != "stop")

                line = Console.ReadLine().ToLower();

5) Stop Idling

6)Get the last unseen message (usually the message that just came in, and caused the Idle event to be raised).
            //get the latest messges that just came in
            string unSeenSet = inbox.SearchClient.NotSeenSet();

The full example can be found below. In this example, we are creating a console.exe application. We could also convert this to windows form code just as easily.


//in this example, use a console application, to wait for IDLE updates
private string gmailUsername = "test@gmail.com";
 private string gmailPassword = "secret";
 void IMAPGmail2IdleTest()
     IMAP4 imap = OpenIMAPGmail();

     //get the inbox folder
     MailFolder inbox = imap.SelectInbox();

     //wire up the idle event
     inbox.IdleResponse += new IdleResponseEventHandler(OnIdleResponse);

     Console.WriteLine("starting to idle...");


     string line = Console.ReadLine().ToLower();
     while (line != "stop")

         line = Console.ReadLine().ToLower();

     Console.WriteLine("Stopping Idling...");

     //get the latest messges that just came in
     string unSeenSet = inbox.SearchClient.NotSeenSet();

     if ((unSeenSet != null) && (unSeenSet.Trim().Length > 0))

         //convert to an array
         int[] unseenUnquieIds = inbox.MessageClient.ToUniqueIds(unSeenSet);

         int latestUniqueId = unseenUnquieIds[unseenUnquieIds.Length - 1];
         //download the latest uniqueId message
         MimeMessage message = inbox.FetchClient.Message(latestUniqueId, IndexType.UniqueId, true);

         if (message != null)
             if (message.Subject != null)
                 Console.WriteLine("No subject");



 private IMAP4 OpenIMAPGmail()
     IMAP4 imap = new IMAP4("imap.gmail.com");

     //create and load the ssl socket
     AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.SslSocket ssl = new AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.SslSocket();
     ssl.IgnoreInvalidCertificates = true;


     //logging on the ssl socket
     ssl.Logging = true;
     ssl.LogPath = "c:\\temp\\ssl.log";

     //rest of the IMAP properties
     imap.Port = 993;

     //any logging for troubleshooting
     imap.Logger = new IMAPLog();
     imap.Logger.Path = "c:\\temp\\imap.log";
     imap.Logger.Overwrite = true;


     imap.Username = gmailUsername;
     imap.Password = gmailPassword;

     return imap;
 void OnIdleResponse(object sender, IdleResponseEventArgs e)
     //write out the response sent from the server
     string response = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(e.Data, 0, e.DataCount);


'in this example, use a console application, to wait for IDLE updates

Private gmailUsername As String = "test@gmail.com"
Private gmailPassword As String = "secret"

Private Sub IMAPGmail2IdleTest()
	Dim imap As IMAP4 = OpenIMAPGmail()

	'get the inbox folder
	Dim inbox As MailFolder = imap.SelectInbox()

	'wire up the idle event
	AddHandler inbox.IdleResponse, AddressOf Me.OnIdleResponse

	Console.WriteLine("starting to idle...")


	Dim line As String = Console.ReadLine().ToLower()
	While line <> "stop"

		line = Console.ReadLine().ToLower()
	End While

	Console.WriteLine("Stopping Idling...")

	'get the latest messges that just came in
	Dim unSeenSet As String = inbox.SearchClient.NotSeenSet()

	If (unSeenSet IsNot Nothing) AndAlso (unSeenSet.Trim().Length > 0) Then

		'convert to an array
		Dim unseenUnquieIds As Integer() = inbox.MessageClient.ToUniqueIds(unSeenSet)

		Dim latestUniqueId As Integer = unseenUnquieIds(unseenUnquieIds.Length - 1)
		'download the latest uniqueId message
		Dim message As MimeMessage = inbox.FetchClient.Message(latestUniqueId, IndexType.UniqueId, True)

		If message IsNot Nothing Then
			If message.Subject IsNot Nothing Then
				Console.WriteLine("No subject")
			End If

		End If
	End If

End Sub

Private Function OpenIMAPGmail() As IMAP4
	Dim imap As New IMAP4("imap.gmail.com")

	'create and load the ssl socket
	Dim ssl As New AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.SslSocket()
	ssl.IgnoreInvalidCertificates = True


	'logging on the ssl socket
	ssl.Logging = True
	ssl.LogPath = "c:\temp\ssl.log"

	'rest of the IMAP properties
	imap.Port = 993

	'any logging for troubleshooting
	imap.Logger = New IMAPLog()
	imap.Logger.Path = "c:\temp\imap.log"
	imap.Logger.Overwrite = True


	imap.Username = gmailUsername
	imap.Password = gmailPassword

	Return imap
End Function

Private Sub OnIdleResponse(sender As Object, e As IdleResponseEventArgs)
	'write out the response sent from the server
	Dim response As String = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(e.Data, 0, e.DataCount)
End Sub

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me using the Contact Us page found at this link.
Dave Wanta

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The client tested it for us and it works fine on their Lotus environment. Thank you for your quick response. Your support rocks!!! "

A. O. | Datacert

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