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aspNetMX 3.0 Released

by newuser09876 10. February 2012 07:42

We are proud to announce the release of aspNetMX 3.0. This version has been a while in the making. It has a number of new notable features. Easily the biggest in the new MailBoxChecker class, that provides multithreaded functionality for mailbox checking.

Here is a listing of the new features.

New Multi-Threaded MailboxChecker Class
Probably the biggest feature added to aspNetMX is the MailboxChecker class. This is a multithread class, loaded with configurable options, to check millions of email addresses. The MailboxChecker class will check email addresses all the way to the mailbox level, in a mult-threaded environment, with built in throttling. If you need to validate 10,000 emails or 1,000,000 emails, this is the class for you.

New Licensing System
Starting with version 3.0, aspNetMX now uses a simple license key system. We've heard developers feedback, to get away from license files. Now, using a simple key, you can enable aspNetMX in your applications. When moving from server to server, you no longer have to worry about license files being left behind.

Extended the EmailValidator Web Validation Control
We've extended this validation control Additional new features allow you to check the last level of validation achieved, along with ignoring empty email addresses, and accessing the in-memory log.

Move Syntax Validation Options
In previous versions of aspNetMX, the email address syntax was simply checked by using complicated regular expressions. This allowed for edge case email address formats to be incorrectly discarded. New options allow you to select which set of rules you want to implement when syntactically validating email addresses.

Timed Validation Options
aspNetMX now includes the option for timed validation. This option allows the developer to attempt to validate the email address in a set number of milliseconds (configurable by the developer). No longer do you have to wait for unresponsive DNS or Mail servers before you get a result back.

aspNetMX now includes the option to check for greylisting validation. Mail servers that implement greylisting can be flagged, and then marked for later follow-up.

Proxy Server Functionality
aspNetMX now has support for proxy servers. Configure the MXProxy class for email validation from behing SOCKS proxies.

Better COM/ASP Support
aspNetMX now supports COM and classic ASP environments. Wrapper classes make it easier to call methods, that normally wouldn't be available to the COM world.


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