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aspNetDns Update Released

by newuser09876 10. February 2012 07:52

We are proud to release a long time coming, aspNetDns update. This update features new, easier to use methods in the aspNetDns, aspNetPing, aspNetTraceRoute and aspNetWhois namespaces, making your job, as the developer, quicker, and easier.

New Easier Methods
The DnsQuery class has new easier-to-use methods for returning the most popular DNS records. Simply fetch records with a single line of code.  Simply call DnsQuery.XXRecords, where "XX" is the type of record you want to fetch. For example "A"or "MX" or "CName".

Added new PTR Record Lookkup Functionalty
aspNetDns now supports recursive Pointer record lookup capability.

Automatic Whois Server Lookup
aspNetWhois now contains the internal methods to dynamically lookup existing Whois server, in case the end user or developer does not know which existing Whois server to use.

Whois Recursive Query Lookups
aspNetWhois now contains the capability to recursively query Whois servers.

New Local Endpoint Exposed
The aspNetPing classes now allow you to specify what local endpoints to be used. This is especially useful in multi nic environments.

aspNetTraceRoute CName Additions
aspNetTraceRoute now has the capability to include CName results along with the IPs of returned trace routes.

New Logging
Even newer and better logging was added to the ICMP functionality of aspNetPing and aspNetTraceRoute.

Newer, Easier Licensing
aspNetDns now uses license keys. This allows for easier upgrades between minor versions. Simply download the latest aspNetDns.dll, and all minor version will work with your existing license key.




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Dave, THANK YOU. This is awesome and exactly what I needed. "


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