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License Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of common questions we receive about licensing. They aren’t in any particular order. If we missed anything, of if you have any other questions, feel free to let us know. Our contact information can be found here.

We tried to break down the common questions, in to easy-to-understand answers without getting the lawyers involved. For the fine print details, be sure to read our licensing agreement found on the License page.

We offer 3 different types of licensing: Server, Site, and Developer licenses. Various questions about them can be found below.


What does a Server License cover?
A Server License allows you to use the software on a single server at any given time.

Does a single Server License cover multiple domains or websites?
If those domains or websites are installed on a single server, then yes. You can have as many websites or domains installed as you want. As long as they are on a single server, then all you will need is a single Server License.

How does a Server License work with virtualized servers?
Server licensing is based upon each installation of an operating system (OS). If you have 5 virtual servers running on a single physical computer, then you would need 5 server licenses.

What does a Site License cover?
A Site License covers all the servers and developers at a single physical location such as an office building or data center.

Does it matter how many developers or servers use a Site License?
If all the developers or servers are at a single location, then no. If you have developers or servers in different locations, across the world, then you may need multiple Site Licenses.

What does a Developer License cover?
The developer licensing is an additional offering that allows you to purchase licenses on a per developer basis, rather than a per site or per server basis. Depending upon your scenario, developer licensing may be more cost effective than per Server or per Site licenses. The developer license also offers the additional benefit of being royalty free licensing.

What does royalty free licensing mean?
It means, that if you resell our software, bundled within your executable, you do not owe us any royalties. If you resell your software executable, and you want to bundle our software inside of your software, you must purchase our software on a per developer basis. No additional fees are required. If you have 5 developers on your team, you would need 5 developer licenses.

Are there any yearly fees?

Are there any additional support fees?
No. Most of the time, once you get our software up and running you forget about it. From time to time a bug may pop up, but we want to get those fixed ASAP. We do not feel you should have to pay for a bug we need to fix.

Are there any upgrade fees?
All minor software version upgrades are free. All major version upgrades require a modest fee. For example upgrading from version 1.0 to 1.1 would be free. Upgrading from version 1.0 to version 2.0 would require a modest upgrade fee. The fee amount varies, depending upon your license.

If the older software is working just fine, do I need to upgrade?
No. Although we appreciate the additional orders, you are not forced to upgrade.

If I purchase a Server License, can I use that license to simultaneously develop on another machine?
No. A Server License allows you to use the software on a single server at a given time. It does allow for the software to be backed up to a backup server. However, if you need to develop, while your application is in production you would need an additional server license. Another alternative is to develop with an evaluation license.

If I purchase a Developer License, can I develop on a single machine, and deploy to production?
Yes. The developer licensing means the software is licensed on a per developer basis, not a per server basis.

Can I use a single Server License to develop an application, and then deploy to production?
Yes. You can move server licenses to different servers. You simply cannot use a single server license, at the same time, on different servers.

How does your licensing physically work?
Our licensing scheme uses a digitally signed xml file. Our software will check the validity of the file, and if it is broken, or invalid, an exception will be thrown.

Can I move a license file from one server to the next?
Yes. Our licensing files support xcopy deployment. You can move license files from 1 server to another without any problems.

Do you tie the license files to server names, MAC address or IPs?
No. License files only contain customer information and or guids that mean something to us. License files are not tied to a server’s name, IP address, MAC address, domain name, or any other server property. They are only legally tied to a company.

Does your licensing 'phone home' to Advanced Intellect's servers?
No. Our software does not phone home. In fact, none of our software contacts Advanced Intellect's servers. None of our software will anonymously send any of your information back to us.

Since your licensing doesn't validate itself by phoning home, won't it be abused?
It's possible. However, as developers, we know how hard it can be to move software from one machine to another, only to find the company’s licensing server was down, or to find out the software was tied to that original machine via some mechanism (name, MAC address, IP, etc..). We wouldn’t want to put a restriction upon customers that we personally do not like put upon us.

You’re kidding, right?
No. In fact, feel free to put up a network sniffer. You will see that the network traffic generated from our software is only due to how you used our software. If you see anything strange, please contact us immediately via our contact us page.

But that means I could purchase a single Server License, and use it on a 1000 servers.
Yes, you could. However, that would be illegal, and it is against the law.

Did we miss something? Do you still have a question or two? Feel free to submit a question here.




You offer an outstanding support - I guess one of the fastest I ever dealt with. Really wonderful! "

Andreas | Sitekiosk

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