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Advanced Intellect Guarantee

  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Advanced Intellect Guarantee
Our products are rock solid. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our components. If, during your evaluation of our components, you find a bug, we will promptly fix within 10 business days, and provide you with the update.

If it takes us longer than 10 days to fix it, we'll still send you a FREE server license of the updated version. If you've already purchased a license, we will provide you with an additional FREE license of the product, or a FREE license of any other product of equal or lesser value. As software consumers ourselves, it frustrates us to spend our hard-earned money on software and then find bugs. We don't want you to have to suffer any frustration whatsoever. So we'll fix it within 10 days, or it's free.

A Quick FAQ about this Guarantee
How do I report a bug?
Bugs can be reported via support@advancedintellect.com , or using our online comments form. Please provide a complete description of the behavior you are seeing, and any relevant code samples and log files. In the event two people find the same bug, the person who first notifies us, will receive credit for finding the bug, and be eligible for a free license.

What is a bug?
Advanced Intellect reserves the right to determine what is considered a bug. Generally, if we have to modify our source code, it will be considered a bug. If we don't consider any expected, or unexpected, behavior a bug, we will provide you with an explanation. All bugs must be reproducible at our facility. After all, if we can't duplicate the bug, how can we fix it?

Why do you offer this guarantee?
Advanced Intellect is committed to producing the highest quality software components available. We stand behind our products. We are constantly developing more features and optimizing the code. If you have a feature request, or an idea for a technique that would make your job easier, we would love to hear it.


Dave Wanta
Advanced Intellect LLC







Great app, very easy to use and understand. I've used it for several different things. Sending HTML pages, standard emails, and others. Currently, the CRM application that we developed in ASP.NET sends .asf formatted call recordings dynamically from the system by attaching to an email. I am especially excited about direct writing into the MS SMTP directory as some of these files get quite large. "

Eugene | Interactivethink.com

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