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aspNetMHT Change Log

The following notes are from the aspNetMHT.dll change log. They are not meant to be a complete description of every change, but more of an overview of different stages of aspNetMHT's development. 02 DEC 2012 Minor code cleanup 02 NOV 2012 Testing of v2.0 for pre-release. 02 NOV 2012 Changed licensing, to prepare for v2.0 02 NOV 2012 Added the BeforeParseMHTPart event. 02 NOV 2012 Added the MHT.Create(...) and MHT.SaveUrl(...) static methods. 02 NOV 2012 Automatically set Mark Of the Web value, for better rendering in IE. 29 AUG 2012 Added MHT.AddAttachment(...) methods. 27 AUG 2012 Added Mark Of The Web Support. 11 APR 2012 Added a check to see if a relative boundary was previously added to the parent MHT object. 10 APR 2012 Exposed the MHT.AllowEmptyBodies property. 10 APR 2012 Added support for application/xhtml-xml content types. 10 APR 2012 Changed the FROM header to be an syntactically valid email address. 23 FEB 2012 Fixed a bug where it was possible that @import url( whatever.css ) files were being processed as url(..) referenced images. 23 FEB 2012 Fixed a bug where the ExtracedPart filenames could contain duplicate entries. 03 JUN 2011 Added the ExtractedPart.Directories.ClearAll() method. Also, exposed the Exractor.HtmlFilePath and FilesDirectory properties. 02 JUN 2011 Changed some of the expanded logic to look for relative references based upon the individual css file location. 31 MAY 2011 Expanded the @import searching routine to find some unconventional @import references found in CSS content. 31 MAY 2011 Added the MHTExtractor support. This is a major upgrade, that allows MHT documents to be extracted into their individual files. This is available as a beta verson only to select customers. Will be rolled into version 2.0. 19 MAY 2011 Added support for the data: uri found in CSS content. 18 MAY 2011 Modified the internal url parsing engine, to miss about:blank urls. 26 APR 2011 Modified some internal MHT logic to better handle empty MHTPart objects. APR 2011 Additional logic added for better handling of style tags. 25 APR 2011 Moved the processing order of style tags, because some styles were commented out with html comments. 24 APR 2011 Fixed a bug where the RawValue of the MHTHeader wasn't completely output. 23 APR 2011 Possible Breaking change: MHTHeader.DeocodeHeaderValue changd to MHTHeader.DecodeHeaderValue to fix misspelling. 22 APR 2011 Fixed a bug where it was possible for some @import statments, that were found in linked css files, were missed. 03 MAR 2011 Added the IsJavaScript() method to the MHTPart object 03 MAR 2011 Added the IsImage(...) method to the MHTPart object. 03 MAR 2011 Inc'd build numbers 02 MAR 2011 Added support for decoding GZip compressed Http data. 15 FEB 2011 Added intelligent checking for utf-8 documents downloaded via http. 15 FEB 2011 Exposed the MHTPartCollection.Contains(...) method. 03 FEB 2011 Fixed a bug where unicode characters were causing a problem in the subject. 13 JAN 2011 Fixed a bug where unc files with space in their names were not being properly located. 17 DEC 2010 Modified an internal regex for more accurate HTML tag matching. 16 NOV 2010 Set the HttpAccept header to a default of "*/*". According to the RFCs, servers should assume that no Accept header means all are accepted. Unfortunately, not all servers obey this rule, aspNetMHT now sets this explicitly. 20 SEP 2010 Added a work-around for a .NET framework limitation when reading broken SSL connections. 20 SEP 2010 Exposed the HttpAccept and HttpAcceptEncoding property for the underlying WebRequestObject 17 SEP 2010 Exposed the HttpKeepAlive proprety. 12 SEP 2010 Fixed a bug when referencing image src values using UNC paths (\\servername\sharename) 24 AUG 2010 Fixed a bug, to decode Html encoded image src values. 20 AUG 2010 Set the Content-Location header in the .LoadString(...) method, if the baseUrl is a http address. 03 AUG 2010 Added the capability for aspNetMHT to better recognize images set with the wrong content-type. 03 AUG 2010 Added some additional logging statements to the log file. 26 JUL 2010 Added HtmlEncodeOption to the MHTPart for better control over encoding the Html content. 18 JUL 2010 Inc'd build number 18 JUL 2010 Fixed a bug where it was possible for aspNetMHT to hang for an indefinite amout of time, due to corrupt HTML tags. 14 JUL 2009 Inc'd build number 30 APR 2009 Fixed a bug to better process @import tags found in external css files 20 MAR 2009 Exposed the .EmbedObjects tag. 07 JUN 2008 Added the version number to the headers. 04 JUN 2008 Fixed a bug to ingnore hyperlinks that start with "about:blank". 16 MAY 2007 Added the feature where the MHTLog.Path was checked if it was a directory, and if so, created a file under that directory with a name based upon a timestamp. 16 MAY 2007 Fixed a bug were an excepiton was thrown, even though .ThrowException was set to false. 19 MAR 2007 Fixed a bug where improper base tags were causing an infinate loop 19 MAR 2007 Fixed a bug where improper base tags were causing an infinate loop 22 JAN 2007 Fixed a bug where table background HEX colors (ie #c0c0c0c), were passed to the internal image downloader by accident. 11 JUL 2006 Added the assembly:AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers Attribute 29 JUN 2006 Added some additional file:/// url checks 12 JUN 2006 Updated the MHT object to handle sub-parts that are binary such as word/excel/ppt documents. 12 JUN 2006 Modified the MHTPart( MHTPart parent ) ctor so the part automatically gets added to the parent. 22 MAY 2006 Fixed a bug where file:// url .PNG files were not properly resolved to a content-type of image/png 10 MAY 2006 Fixed a bug were URL escaped filesystem paths could not be resolved. 09 MAY 2006 Fixed a bug with PNG images not loading as content-type: image, if they were loaded from the filesysetm 30 APR 2006 Fixed a bug where it was possible for an infinite loop to occur if 2 MHTParts referenced each other.
aspNetMHT would attemp to load and parse each part before they were added to the MHT
component resulting in an infinate loop. Now the parts are added first, and then the content is parsed. 17 APR 2006 Added additional WriteLog statements 16 MAR 2006 Added the version number to the MHT headers. 15 MAR 2006 Add the capability for aspNetMHT to detext if path in .SaveToFile( path ) is a directory. If so, then aspNetMHT will create a file name based upon the current time. 15 MAR 2006 Fixed a bug where is was possible to enter an infinite loop if zero length content was returned from the Http source. 06 FEB 2006 Added the public bool LoadUrl( string url, bool parse, string verb, string enctype, byte[] data ) overload. 05 FEB 2006 Added the MHTForm object Exposed the MHTPart.Verb property 15 JAN 2006 Exposed the MHT.RemoveEmptyParts() and MHT.MarkParsed( bool ) methods 15 JAN 2006 Exposed the MHTPart.Parsed property
Version Date Description 09 JAN 2006 Fixed an internal bug where some images were missed during download.   Fixed a bug where the MHT.Subject property could have a \n in it, breaking the headers.   Fixed a bug where if a "?" was found at the end of a Html tag, it created an infinite loop. 16 OCT 2005 Modified the parsing HTML tags. Added the capability to parse Attribute values surrounded by brackets like <... style={background-color=FBF8EF; } ...>   Modified the StreamEncoding. If a CharSet value is returned from the Webresponse, that value is used to create the encoding for reading the WebResponse stream 12 OCT 2005 Fixed a bug in the HtmlTag processing. Made sure to allow for ":" in html attribute names   Exposed the Timeout property on the MHTPart object.   Fixed a bug in th finding Html tags. If the tag had an attribute value that ended in a quote, but did NOT start with a quote, the
cpu went to 100% 08 MAY 2005 Launched   Changed LoadUrl(...) to return a bool. 04 APR 2005 Updated Beta   Added the HtmlRemovalOptions and the HttpProtocolVersion property   Released private beta




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