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From: "JD Ready" <jready@...>
Date: 12/2/2014 4:25:12 PM
Subject: Confused by 552/5.5.3 and Try Again
I was going to start an email "blacklist" for hard bounces using ListNanny. However, during some of my research, I ran into some issue that make me nervous. For instance:

<result>5.5.3 (failed) 552 5.5.3 Resources restricted - try again later - A,4 </result>

ListNanny classified this as a "hard bounce" presumably because of the 500 error, yest the message says "try again later". If I were to place this on a blacklist, not only would I not try again later, but I would never try again.

This blog post:

Says they use listnanny for their initial classification, but uses other sources to "better" classify the bounces.

I am starting to fear that I am learning too much about email delivery and that I should just turn all of this over to the "experts" at Amazon SES.

Is list nanny powerful enough to help me maintain my blacklist so I get better deliverables, or does Amazon and other email services really help to take care of all of this for me (boiling down all of the different ISP return codes into a meaningful response that I can act upon)?

Thanks for your input!




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Great products, best support I have ever seen, I highly recommend all products created by Advanced Intellect. Thanks a lot Dave, Advanced Intellect potentially saved us a lots of dollars. "

Devin Jaiswal | Bellevue Data Communications, LLC

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